Chord Structures Poster


This is the most useful reference for music! I wrote out exactly the structure of almost all chords in semitones. Once you know how many semitones are in between each note in a chord, you can figure out any chord!

For example, D major chord starts on D, then will have four semitones between the first two notes (F#), and three semitones between the last two notes (A). So the notes in a D major chord are D, F#, A.

Go ahead, count on your keyboard to see! The visualization here are for chords in C.

This is a must have for your music space! I have this hanged on my wall!

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Circle of Fifths Poster

Circle of Fifths

This is the first poster I designed for this store because I couldn’t find any Circle of Fifths poster that I liked. I have this poster framed on my own wall at home, and maybe other people would like to too.

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